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A Talent Show Confession

This is the second of my three incomplete Ryella's. It was being a prat so I'm going to try again.

Warnings: AU. OOC - tends to happen with AU - but what can you do?
Spoilers: I *seriously, seriously* doubt it.
Author’s Note: I was listening to my iPod when this bunny attacked - it was a vicious blighter . . . This is not High School Musical 3 compliant. Songfic - sort of. *Emphasis* ‘thoughts’
Time Line: Senior year
Pairings: Ryella, Troyella, Troypay
Disclaimer: I do not own High School Musical or any of the characters contained herein. I am making no money off this and I have nothing o suing me would be pointless not to mention a waste of time.

By: Annika Evans

Gabriella was in her room listening to her iPod and doing her homework. She wasn’t getting very far however, because her mind kept straying to Ryan Evans.
She hadn’t known what to expect when she had moved to Albuquerque. She certainly hadn’t expected to become one of the most popular students at East High School. At all her previous schools she had been ‘the freaky math girl.’ She also never expected the most popular guy at East High to like her.
Troy Bolton, The Golden Boy, was cute and sweet, but they were incompatible. She knew that, but he didn’t seem too. Sure she had gone on dates with him, but all they managed to do was prove that she was right. They didn’t mesh - like oil and water. He kept trying and so did she, but the out-look wasn’t good and all the attempts were futile. Especially with Gabriella’s sudden realisation that she had a crush on Ryan.
She wanted to tell Ryan how she felt, but didn’t know the best way to do so. She wasn’t well-versed in the ways of love. Not to mention she didn’t know Ryan very well. What would he like? A written confession? A public confession? A musical confession?
Then a light bulb clicked on in Gabriella’s head - a musical confession of course! She’d sing it to him. East High surely had a talent show coming up - East High probably had more talent shows than any other school in the country.
Now she just needed to find the right song. Ashley Tisdale’s Goin’ Crazy come on and she snatched hold of it, and wondered if it was ‘the one.’ She went online, found the lyrics and printed them off. She still wasn’t sure if it was the right song, but it was the only idea she had at the moment. She found the score and printed it off for Kelsi. She wanted Kelsi to be her pianist and she was sure Kelsi would agree to it.

ComposerKelsi is online.
ComposerKelsi wants to chat.

‘It must be fate,’ thought Gabriella. Kelsi was the one person she needed to talk to.

Singing_Genius accepts ComposerKelsi’s invitation to chat.

Singing_Genius: Hey, Kels
ComposerKelsi: Hey, Gabs.
Singing_Genius: Kels, you know I don’t like Gabs.
ComposerKelsi: Sorry, I just finished chatting with Ry. He always calls you Gabs.

Gabriella’s heartbeat sped up. ‘Does that mean Ryan was talking to Kelsi about me?’ If it did she hoped it was in a good way. It could really go either way - good or bad.

Singing_Genius: I hate it when Ryan calls me Gabs. I think he just does it to bug me. Were you and Ryan talking about me? Why?
ComposerKelsi: I don’t think he calls you Gabs to bug you. I think he calls you Gabs, because nobody else does. Besides, you let him get away with it.
Singing_Genius: I know I let him get away with it. I can’t say ‘no’ to him.
ComposerKelsi: Have you decided to tell Ry how you feel?
Singing_Genius: I have an idea. Troy is going to be pissed . . .
ComposerKelsi: Is he still trying to convince you that it’s meant to be?
Singing_Genius: Naturally. He thinks it’s kismet, because we sang together on New Years. It wasn’t our choice to sing together we were chosen at random. Then when my mom’s company transferred her to Albuquerque - it was just a weird coincidence.
ComposerKelsi: It does kind of sound like fate. It’d be romantic if you two suited each other.
Singing_Genius: It’s not. It’s just a coincidence. If it was fate or meant to be we’d mesh and you know we don’t. The only thing we have in common is “The Singing Thing” as Troy calls it.
ComposerKelsi: And you both like an Evans . . .
Singing_Genius: I don’t think Troy likes Sharpay. If he did he wouldn’t be so fixated on me and destiny or whatever.
ComposerKelsi: Pish-posh. Troy just doesn’t know he likes Sharpay yet.
Singing_Genius: I think you’re nuts.
ComposerKelsi: That may be, but it doesn’t make it any less true. ::shrugs:: Anyway, have you decided to tell Ry how you feel?
Singing_Genius: I told you I have an idea
ComposerKelsi: Care to elaborate?.
Singing_Genius: I’m going to sing to him in the talent show.
ComposerKelsi: Which song?
Singing_Genius: I’m not sure. I was thinking maybe Ashley Tisdale’s Goin’ Crazy.
ComposerKelsi: Why that song?
Singing_Genius: Is it a bad idea? ::worried::
ComposerKelsi: I was just curious . . .
Singing_Genius: I’m not really sure why - I guess it’s because it’s the song that came on my iPod when I decided how I wanted to tell Ryan.
ComposerKelsi: I bet you were supposed to be doing your homework and weren’t. You were thinking about Ry.
Singing_Genius: You know me so well. ::smiles:: I printed off the score for you - I want you to be my pianist - we could practise together. I’m still not sure if it’s the song I want to do though.
ComposerKelsi: We can start rehearsing tomorrow during free period.
Singing_Genius: Can we do it at your house? I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing.
ComposerKelsi: As soon as you put your name on that list everyone will know what you’re doing.
Singing_Genius: They won’t know my talent.
ComposerKelsi: Tell me you don’t actually believe that.
Singing_Genius: No, but I don’t want anyone to know what song I’m doing because it’s for you-know-who.
ComposerKelsi: Getting secretive now?
Singing_Genius: Don’t start Kels.

Wildcat_Superstar14 wants to chat.

Singing_Genius: Guess who wants to chat.
ComposerKelsi: Troy.
Singing_Genius: ::feigns shock:: How’d you guess?
ComposerKelsi: I’m the brainy-type. ::shrugs:: Do you want to chat with Troy?
Singing_Genius: Not really, but I will.
ComposerKelsi: We’ll talk later.
Singing_Genius: Sure thing. Later.

ComposerKelsi has logged off.

Singing_Genius accepts Wildcat_Superstar14's invitation to chat.

Singing_Genius: Hi Troy.
Wildcat_Superstar14: Hey, Gabster.
Singing_Genius: Don’t call me Gabster - you know I don’t like it.
Wildcat_Superstar14: How about Gabs?
Singing_Genius: I don’t like Gabs either.
Wildcat_Superstar14: Evans calls you Gabs.
Singing_Genius: I don’t like it when he does. I think he just does it to bug me.
Wildcat_Superstar14: Do you like any nicknames?
Singing_Genius: Gabi and Ella are fine. There the only ones I like - though I don‘t like Ella as much. I probably wouldn’t even answer to Ella now that I think about it.

Her old friends had called her Gabi, Gabs, Ella and she even had one friend that called her Brie - she just didn’t want anyone at East High to call her anything other than Gabriella, Gabi or Ella if necessary.
Ryan got away with Gabs and if she were truthful she knew she’d let Ryan call her just about anything he wanted too. That’s what happens when you have a crush on someone . . . Thinking about it made her wonder if was more than just a crush.

Wildcat_Superstar14: Fine. I was just wondering if you’d like to go out with me tonight.
Singing_Genius: Kind of sudden isn’t it?
Wildcat_Superstar14: Yeah, but I thought we’d have fun. I’m not talking about anything fancy, we could just grab a pie.
Singing_Genius: Don’t you ever get tired of Pizza? LOL
Wildcat_Superstar14: I’m pretty sure that’s an impossibility. LOL We could go somewhere else - maybe Subway.

Damn him, he knew she couldn’t resist Subway. It was a win/win for both of them. He could get Pizza without making her endure it. She could only handle Pizza in small doses.

Singing_Genius: I’ll check with my mom and call you.
Singing_Genius has logged off.

Her mom was away on a business trip, but Troy didn’t need to know that. It was a good out if she needed it.
She called Troy and told him that her mom said okay. She knew that if she said ‘no’ Troy would insist on coming over and that would destroy her scapegoat and she needed that safety net - just in case.
She put her computer to sleep and freshened up. She decided to wait outside for Troy. That way he wouldn’t have an excuse to say ‘Hi’ to Miss Montez - who wasn’t there.

Gabriella was at Kelsi’s practicing her song. When they decided to take a break Kelsi asked, “Did you have a good date with Troy?”
“Same old, same old.”
“So, that’s a no.”
“He talked about basketball the whole time. He knows I don’t care about basketball. I should’ve listened to Sharpay . . .”
“Do you hear yourself?” interrupted Kelsi, “Listen to Sharpay?”
“My first day at East Sharpay told me it pretty much basketball twenty-four/seven with Troy. She was right.” Gabriella thought back to her first day, “Sharpay seemed upset that I knew Troy. I told her that I didn’t really know him, he was just showing me around. She said “Troy doesn’t really interact with new students.” I asked “why’s that?” and then she told me about the basketball thing. I’m not sure she believed that I didn’t really know Troy.”
“I think Sharpay saw you as competition from day one.”
“I doubt that. I’m sure she’s the one the printed off the articles about me winning my old school’s championship and put them in Taylor’s locker.”
“Sounds like something Sharpay would do.”
“It bugged me then, but it doesn’t now, because I got Taylor as a friend. It’s just . . . it wasn’t her place.”
“If she didn’t see you as competition on your first day, her opinion changed the second she found out about your callback . . .”
“You know that wasn’t on purpose,” said Gabriella, she looked thoughtful for a second, “Huh, you know what? I just realised Troy and I only have chemistry when we sing - all of our other interaction is awkward and tense, almost forced.”
“Your voices work well together. But you’re right. During Twinkle Towne the only time you and Troy seemed natural was during the songs.”
“Troy doesn’t make me happy and he doesn’t make me sad. He doesn’t really make me feel anything. He can make me laugh and he’s always been nice but . . .” Gabriella trailed off not sure where she was going with that train of thought.
“But it isn’t enough,” supplied Kelsi.
“Do you think Ry can make you happy?”
“I hope so.”
“Do you love Ryan?”
“I don’t really know. What do you think?”
“I think you might, but I’ve never really thought about because of all the time I spend with Ryan,” at Gabriella’s confused look Kelsi explained, “I’ve known Ryan for a really long time and he can read me like an open book. If I thought about it around him, it’s a definite possibility that I’d reveal your secret.”
“And that’d be bad.”
“For you. Not me.”
“Thanks for keeping my secret.”
“Hey, what are friends for?”
“What makes you think I love Ryan?”
“A lot of things. You glow when you talk about him, your face lights up like a Christmas tree when you see him. You’re always thinking about him - as you’ve told me,” smiled Kelsi. “Not to mention you let him call you Gabs when you hate being called Gabs.”
“I think you’re right. I think I do love him,” said Gabriella. “Should we continue practising the song?”
“I think we’ve done enough for today.”
“Do you think Ryan will like the song?”
“I can’t tell you whether or not he’ll like the song, but he’ll like hearing you sing it. He thinks you have a beautiful voice.”
Gabriella’s face lit up much like it did when she saw Ryan at Kelsi’s words. Then her face fell, “I don’t even know if Ryan likes me. I’ll be completely putting myself out there and it could end up being the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Ryan doesn’t not like you. Truthfully, I don’t know how he feels about you. I could find out if you want.”
“Don’t you think he’d be suspicious? I know I would be.”
“Ry is kind of oblivious. He probably won’t think anything of it.”
“I don’t know . . .”
“Don’t you want to know what he thinks about you before you get on the stage and sing out your feelings?”
“Okay, you win. Just find out what he thinks about me. If he doesn’t like me, then I’ll do some other song - probably a heartache one, because I’m already signed up to the talent show.”
“That’s the spirit,” grinned Kelsi. Gabriella wondered if Kelsi intended to do it with or without her consent. In the end Gabriella decided that Kelsi probably did.

Kelsi walked into the auditorium and saw Ryan practising some dance moves. He was dancing along with a CD of songs she had written for some past musicals. She didn’t even know that Ryan had a CD of her music.
“Where did you get that?” asked Kelsi breaking Ryan out of his dance-world.
“Darbus made it. She thought it’d be a good idea if you missed auditions.”
“But why do you have it?”
“I wanted to get some practise in without Sharpay and asked Darbus if I could use the disk.”
“To be honest I didn‘t think you liked my music all that much,” admitted Kelsi.
“If I could I’d leave your music that way you wrote it,” said Ryan. “I don’t feel the need to make everything ‘pop-ier’ like Sharpay does.”
“You’re better than she is,” stated Kelsi.
“Don’t tell her that.”
“Of course not. Do you think I’m crazy? She’d kill me.”
“But thank you.”
“I’m only telling it like it is,” shrugged Kelsi.
“So, should I keep practising with your CD or will you play for me?” asked Ryan with a lop-sided grin.
Kelsi laughed, “I’ll play for you if we can talk after.”
“Of course.” After practising and playing for an hour they decided to take a break, but they hadn’t decided whether they were done for the day or not.
Kelsi debated over how to breach the subject of Gabriella and then decided to just be blunt about it. Of course that wouldn’t be the best option but it’d suit her purpose until she had to come up with a reason why she asked. “Did you know that Gabi’s going to be in the talent show?”
“I didn’t. Is she singing?”
“Of course. She’s having difficulty picking a song though - we’ve been rehearsing.”
“What songs?”
“Why do you ask?” That was not the question Kelsi wanted him to ask, she wasn’t sure how to answer.
“Maybe I could help her pick one,” suggested Ryan.
“Mostly love songs.” That was vague enough. “Maybe you should talk to her and ask if she wants your help.”
“I think I will,” smiled Ryan.
At Ryan’s reply Kelsi wondered how Gabriella was going to react. Kelsi knew that it’d be weird if the guy she liked was helping her pick out a love song to tell him how she felt. Kelsi had a feeling that Gabriella was going to freak. ‘I hope this isn’t a *huge* mistake,’ thought Kelsi.
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