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Girl's Choice

This is the first of my 3 incomplete Ryella stories.

Warnings: AU. OOC (unavoidable really)
Spoilers: None.
Author’s Note: I was reading a High School Musical novel and it gave me an idea for a FanFiction. Third POV. *emphasis*
Rating: PG
Pairings: Ryan/Gabriella (Ryella), Kelsi/Troy (Trelsi), Taylor/Chad (Chaylor)
Disclaimer: I do not own High School Musical or any of the characters or themes therein - it all belongs to Kenny Ortega and Disney. I am making no money off this and have nothing so suing me would be pointless - let alone a waste of your time and money.

By: Annika Evans

Kelsi had been thinking about this all day. She really wanted to ask Troy, The Golden-Boy, Bolton to the Girls Choice Dance (aka Sadie Hawkins Dance.) She was worried that Gabriella would be opposed to the idea - not to mention worried that Troy would turn her down. “Can I talk to you Gabs?”
“Sure Kels. What’s up?”
“Um . . . I was wondering if you . . . you had any plans to ask Troy to the Dance.”
“Not really. I don’t even know if I’m going to go,” answered Gabriella. “Why?”
“Well . . . uh . . . I, um . . .” stammered Kelsi.
“Do you want to ask Troy?” interrupted Gabriella. Kelsi nodded ‘yes’ meekly. “Kels, I think that’s a great idea. I’m sure Troy would be happy to go with you.”
“I think he wants to go with you.”
“I doubt that. We’re just friends - best friends maybe, but friends all the same. If you asked Troy I really think he’d say ‘yes’,” assured Gabriella. She knew that Troy had a bit of a crush on the shy composer.
She was happy to hear that Kelsi liked Troy too and hoped they had a chance. Since Gabriella had her ‘eye’ on someone else entirely it helped her unintentionally. Someone else that Gabriella had assumed would go to the dance with Kelsi.
“I don’t know.”
“Kels ask Troy.” It sounded like a command, kind of like an order.
“Who are you going to ask?” asked Kelsi, “If you go that is.”
“If I go . . . Promise not to judge or laugh?”
“I promise,” agreed Kelsi easily. Such a statement intrigued Kelsi quite a bit.
“What? Really?” asked Kelsi gob-smacked.
“Is it really that surprising?”
Kelsi nodded ‘yes.’ “I heard people betting on which member of the basketball team you were going to ask. The smart money’s on Troy with Chad in a close-second.”
“Chad? Are you serious?” laughed Gabriella. “I would *never* go with Chad.” Gabriella said it with such vehemence that Kelsi was taken a back. “I don’t think that came out right,” mused Gabriella, “Chad likes Taylor and Taylor likes him back. I would never interfere with that. If you think about it they’re really a perfect couple.”
Kelsi thought about it for a moment and agreed, “They really are.”
“When are you going to ask Troy?”
“When are *you* going to ask Ryan?” countered Kelsi.
“As soon as I get the chance.”
“I think he’ll say ‘yes’.”
“I hope so,” smiled Gabriella.
“How long have you liked Ryan?”
“Want the truth?”
“Yes, please.”
“Since ‘What I’ve Been Looking For.’”
“That long? That was in your first week.”
“He made an impression.”
“If you liked Ryan why did you date Troy?”
“Because I liked Troy and I didn’t think Ryan would be interested in me at all,” answered Gabriella. “Over the summer - with all the drama at Lava Springs - I stopped liking Troy like that and started liking Ryan more.”
“That must be why you spent so much time with him and convinced him to be the choreographer for the Wildcats.”
“That had a little to do with it,” smiled Gabriella.
“But you got back together with Troy when you sang ‘Everyday.’”
“Could you have turned him down after such a romantic gesture - even if it was engineered by you and Ryan.”
“No, but I have a crush on him,” said Kelsi.
“You know what I mean.”
“Even if I didn’t like Troy the way I do I couldn’t have said no to such a gesture,” said Kelsi.
“Exactly my point. How could anyone say ‘no’ to something like that?” Just then the bell rang announcing class staring and Gabriella and Kelsi hurried to homeroom - neither wanted to get detention from Mrs. Darbus.

Gabriella and Kelsi were sitting in history class neither was paying particular attention, though Gabriella was managing to keep perfect notes.
Gabriella poked Kelsi in the back and Kelsi dropped her hand behind her and Gabriella placed a folded up piece of paper in her empty hand.
Kelsi brought it up and cautiously opened it, making sure that Mr. Gerard didn’t catch her reading the note - that’d be embarrassing. Mr. Gerard was one of those teachers that would take the note from you and read it out loud to the class - not a pleasant experience.

Did you ask Troy yet? -Gabi
Did you ask Ryan yet? -Kelsi
I haven’t had the chance. I haven’t seen him all day. What’s’ your excuse?
Troy is never alone. He’s always surrounded by his basketball cronies. I can’t do it in front of them.
Understandable. Maybe we should corner them . . .
Gabs that’s nuts! I can’t do that.
We’d do it together. Maybe get them both to come to the music room or we could do it in the auditorium. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll just suck up all the courage I have and ask Ryan in the cafeteria . . .
That’d be really, really brave. I couldn’t do that.
I have an idea. Why don’t we both agree that we’ll ask them by the end of the day and if neither of us do we team up and corner them . . .
Okay . . .
You should look for Troy on the roof he goes up there a lot and is always alone. Know where I might find Ry?
The auditorium is the only suggestion I can think of. He spends a large amount of his time there . . . Just like I do. Sharpay doesn’t go there unless she has an audience even if it’s just Mrs. Darbus.
Okay. I’ll try at lunch. Lunch is probably your best bet too. Troy has been eating on the roof a lot lately.
We’ll talk after?
Sure, sure.

“Miss Montez?”
“Yes, Mr. Gerard?”
“Answer the question.”

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