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fics anyone?

"i've read so many ryella fics. i was so excited when i saw this place, but whoosh. so quiet.
so i thought, why not share some of the fics that i've taken a liking to?


Catastrophically Yours (G)
Entangled in Her (PG-13)
Enthralled (PG-13)
Fifty Little Things (PG-13)
Midnight Chat (G)
What They Do Not Know (PG-13)
Excuse Me Miss (PG-13)
Patterned Pretenses (PG-13)
The Midnight Meeting At The Pool (R/NC-17)
Love and Lust (R/NC-17)


~basically, all of them are complete. no WIPs. wouldn't wanna disappoint. s'all. and all of them are from FF.NET. Also, I have no idea what to tag this thing. Mods? :)

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